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Spending time to test, treat, and teach you.

Dr. Wilson has been practicing chiropractic since 1970. He grew up watching his father and grandmother successfully treat back, neck and joint pain. Helping those in pain and offering this specialized type of care appealed to Dr. Wilson and he eventually joined the family practice.  He then moved to his present location in 1996. Through the decades, he has treated a wide range of disorders with spinal manipulation and acupuncture.

Generations of Care

Treatment targeted to your specific needs

The first thing that will happen when you visit Newton Chiropractic's family friendly office will be a consultation with the doctor. Your perspective on how your body feels and reacts will be taken into account by Dr. Wilson while planning an approach to treatment.  Remember, the conditions you have are usually just symptoms of an underlying cause and if you eliminate the cause you eliminate the symptoms.


We use basic chiropractic adjustments and our adjunctive care includes trigger point therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, acupuncture and educating the patient through exercise and advice toward self improvement.  Activator is available upon request.  


Occasionally a condition will present itself that Dr. Wilson feels needs to be treated by other specialities.  Over the course of more than four decades in the medical field, Dr. Wilson has aquired a network of physicians to whom he can refer these patients.

Care for all ages is available. In addition to gentle adjustments, Dr. Wilson is aware that relaxation of the soft tissue is important and compliments his adjustments with trigger point muscle massage to increase the effectiveness of his treatments.  


You deserve affordable relief from your back pain. Please call us today at 316-283-5340.

Approaches as diverse as the customers we see