Disc Pain

Causes & Symptoms of Disc Pain

There are discs in the back that sit between the individual bones in the spine (vertebrae). These discs have softer centers and tougher exteriors and can become what’s called a herniated, slipped, or ruptured disc if the soft interior becomes ruptured. Herniated discs located in the lower back can result in disc pain and shoot into the buttocks, thigh, and calf, feet, or even up to your shoulders. It also can result in tingling or numbness in these areas as well as weakness.

Conditions that can cause disc pain include:

  • Age and disc degeneration
  • Repetitive lifting and work-related accidents
  • Weight (lower back disc pain)
  • Genetics

Disc Pain Relief

While in some cases, it’s hard for patients at Newton Chiropractic to pinpoint what may cause herniated discs – Dr. Sam can help pinpoint where the pain is in each assessment. Once you visit, he’ll find your pain and use a variety of techniques including manual and instrument-assisted chiropractic care along with stretches and exercise to aid in disc pain relief naturally. Schedule your assessment today!

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